Corporate Social Responsibility

Myat Taw Win Hospital’s CSR Foundation has been established with the initiative of its Managing Director and under the guidance of the hospital’s Chief Operating Officer since July 2017. Prior to the foundation, there had been some CSR activities like Mobile clinic for underprivileged population in the community. Besides, in collaboration with locally practicing social groups and individuals, the hospital has done many corrective surgeries for the cleft patients (both palate and lip) in collaboration with ‘Smile Train’ Group, headquartered in New York City.


As a responsible business organization, integrating our business operations and ethics is crucial to meet the expectations of our business stakeholders and for the sustainability of the corporate.Our stakeholders are our clients, customers/patients, specialist and consultants, employees, suppliers, shareholders, regulators, and the community. We seriously take all the feedback that we receive from our stakeholders and, where possible, maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfill their requirements. We are always open and honest in our vision, mission, goal, quality policy, strategies, performance and corporate governance.


To provide health care and related social services to those who need our support up to remote community To stand as a fair and responsible business within the community